Revealing RevaGold™

REVEALING RevaGold™ Like the mythic phoenix, Adam’s newest exclusive gold alloy has arisen smoldering with strength and shining with passion: Introducing RevaGold™. This addition to an expanding palette of unique gold alloys takes its name from Latin, meaning renewed strength. The red tone highlighted in this innovative alloy is richer and more intense than rose gold. RevaGold™ also has a distinctive [...]

Revealing RevaGold™2022-12-01T11:05:23-08:00

Idar-Oberstein and the Gemstone Road

IDAR-OBERSTEIN AND THE GEMSTONE ROAD IDAR-OBERSTEIN, GERMANY Nestled within old-growth forests along the picturesque river Nahe and the rocky faces of the Hunsrueck Mountains lies Idar-Oberstein and the Gemstone Road. For more than 500 years, this quaint corner of southwestern Germany has revolved around gemstones. Small though it is, this town has built an international reputation for [...]

Idar-Oberstein and the Gemstone Road2022-11-25T10:02:49-08:00

Treasure Shared: Somewhere in the Rainbow

TREASURE SHARED: SOMEWHERE IN THE RAINBOW EXHIBITION X ALFIE NORVILLE GEM AND MINERAL MUSEUM A rainbow signaling something extraordinary, bountiful treasure, and mysterious benefactors sharing their riches with the world; This might sound like the stuff of myths and fairy tales, but the truth of Somewhere in the Rainbow (SITR) is every bit as magical. This transcendent collection of gemstones and [...]

Treasure Shared: Somewhere in the Rainbow2022-09-27T12:53:58-07:00

The Magic of Black Diamonds

THE MAGIC OF BLACK DIAMONDS LE CHIC BRACELET The Magic of Black Diamonds captivate with a unique sparkle and mysterious charm. Through jewelry history, these enigmatic beauties were at times overlooked. This might be because of the high level of skill and precision required to effectively cut a black diamond. Today, advances in gemstone cutting and modern design have set [...]

The Magic of Black Diamonds2022-11-25T10:03:58-08:00

Mystic Moonstone, a Phenomenal Gemstone

MYSTIC MOONSTONE HARMONY PENDANT Moonstone achieves a mystic and magical effect called adularescence when the stones' layers reflect and scatter light. The color is usually white but occasionally blue with an appearance like rolling fog or smoke. For this unusual and spectacular light effect, this adularescent jewel is one of a class of gemstones called phenomenal gemstones, deemed so for [...]

Mystic Moonstone, a Phenomenal Gemstone2022-11-25T10:04:57-08:00

Gorgeous Garnet; Origins, Properties, Lore and More

GORGEOUS GARNET ELLIPSE GARNET RING Although the name garnet likely brings to mind a deep, red wine-color, it's actually a family of gems that vary widely in appearance. Garnets share a common crystal formation and other properties, but within the group, slight differences in chemical composition result in a variety of remarkable colors. All garnets can be classified by their [...]

Gorgeous Garnet; Origins, Properties, Lore and More2022-11-25T10:05:53-08:00

The Colorful Charm of Ametrine; Origins, Formation, and Meaning

The Colorful Charm of Ametrine CONVERGE AMETRINE PENDANT Ametrine seems almost too fantastic to be a natural gem. Its exciting color composition was, however, devised by mother nature. Flaunting vibrant tones of purple and gold, this unique quartz variety is a joy to behold and a thrill to jewelry-lovers everywhere. The Colorful Charm of Ametrine [...]

The Colorful Charm of Ametrine; Origins, Formation, and Meaning2022-11-25T10:08:12-08:00

Jewelry Design Inspired by Nature

Jewelry Design Inspired by Nature PAPILIO BROOCH Extending far into pre-history, art has always reflected nature. Flora and fauna inspire creatives of every discipline, from musicians and poets to architects and sculptors. As surely today as in the caves of Lascaux, the plants and animals that surround us influence our creative works. Jewelry Design Inspired [...]

Jewelry Design Inspired by Nature2020-07-18T14:41:24-07:00

Pearl Origins, Properties & Quality

Pearl Origins, Properties & Quality Pearl Origins, Properties & Quality. Coveted and collected around the world, the pearl stands out as a unique beauty with rich cultural significance. Pearls have sparked myth, decorated ceremonies, and inspired jewelry for millennia, and yet remain at the forefront of modern jewelry design. Pearls are one of the most storied gems, inspiring myths from China [...]

Pearl Origins, Properties & Quality2022-12-06T14:46:44-08:00

Included Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz & Rutilated Quartz

Included Quartz: A Window Into the Past Quartz inclusions open an exciting window into the past. From within the safety of quartz crystals, minerals, liquids, and gases are well-protected from chemical or physical changes. Included quartz may refer to a variety of gemstones containing a foreign mineral protected within a sturdy body of quartz. The [...]

Included Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz & Rutilated Quartz2020-06-10T07:43:13-07:00
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