When I was just a child, gemstones captured my curiosity and creativity. To this day, a truly breathtaking gemstone or pearl is an irresistible muse. Forms throughout the natural world inspire me as well. The spiral of a nautilus shell, a blooming iris, the curves of the human body; this natural elegance is something I try to reflect in my designs.
I gain something every time I travel, but I learned the most in Italy. Living in Florence, I was charged with artistic inspiration. As a design student, I flourished in the artistic depth of my surroundings. Studying with old world master goldsmiths, I gained a foundation in classical techniques and hand fabrication. I started to produce pieces that reflected timeless elegance in modern forms.
When it comes to design, I admire clean and modern forms. Whether it’s a sleek mid-century Eames chair or a Frank Lloyd Wright home, I find a design meaningful when it tells a narrative. My intention is to do just that, to tell a story in every piece.
– Adam Neeley