Timeless & Elegant Works of Fine Art Jewelry
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Covet duo pavé diamond ring
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Pearl, Diamond & Gold Ring | Fiore Del Mare
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Our Designer Jewelry was created by Adam Neeley to be timeless and elegant. These works of Fine Art Jewelry are some of our most popular and versatile modern jewelry designs. From his Laguna Beach, California studio and jewelry store, Adam draws on old-world training and innovative techniques to craft contemporary jewelry with an artist’s intent. Whether you’re seeking a unique engagement ring, a signature pendant, or statement earrings, you’ll find it here!  This collection includes a handsome selection men’s jewelry, modern jewelry for special occasions and everyday wear, designs showcasing exceptional gemstones & metalwork, and press-worthy jewelry designs. We hope you’ll be inspired by Fine Art Jewelry.


Discover the vision behind some of Adam’s most memorable styles, find perfect gift ideas, or create a coordinated jewelry look effortlessly with our Designer Jewelry Collections.

Adam sees design inspiration in every facet of life. The natural world, a vivid personality, and the content of dreams have all sparked his visions of jewelry. Sometimes inspiration is grander than a single design and a collection of related designs results. Discover the vision behind some of Adam’s most memorable styles, find perfect gift ideas, or create a coordinated jewelry look effortlessly with our Designer Jewelry Collections.

Covet Designer Jewelry Collection

The gentle curves of the human body inspired Adam to create the Covet diamond jewelry collection. At once shapely and sleek, this modern jewelry collection breaks convention to use depth and movement of line in a way that is altogether enchanting.

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Spirale Designer Jewelry Collection

The spiral is one of nature’s perfect forms, evidenced by the balanced beauty of a blooming flower or a nautilus shell. Spirale diamond jewelry uses this inspiration to take a well-known style for a spin. The resulting Designer Jewelry Collection transforms a classic form into a modern motif which begs to be worn.

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Fiore Designer Jewelry Collection
Fiore del Mare

This designer jewelry collection, named “Flower of the Sea,” pairs luminous world-class pearls with the promise of abundance evoked by a blooming flower. The result is a design that shines with feminine strength and beauty. Fiore del Mare includes Tahitian pearl and South Sea pearl variations.

See Fiore del Mare Pearl Jewelry Collection
L'Aqua Designer Jewelry Collection

L’Aqua Diamond Jewelry Collection pays homage to light and water. For this collection, Adam drew inspiration from the fleeting shimmer of light which dances through a drop of water as it falls. The scintillation of a diamond from within each golden, droplet-shaped earring or pendant captures the moment.

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Waltz Designer Jewelry Collection

Just like its namesake, Adam Neeley’s Waltz collection is charming and refined. The joy and effortless choreography of a dance floor inspired Adam to craft the Waltz Designer Jewelry Collection.

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See the Sculpture Ring
The Sculpture Ring

Adam Neeley considers every piece of jewelry to be a small sculpture, but none more so than his iconic Sculpture Ring. This diamond ring has an impressive heft and striking lines which belie its comfort when worn. Sculpture Ring has an incredibly balanced form and contoured shape, which make it a pleasure to wear.

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