CPAA Awards 2023

CPAA Awards 2023 | Echo Pearl & Diamond Earrings

Echo pearl & Diamond Ear pendants

During the 2023 CPAA Awards competition, the Cultured Pearl Association of America honored Adam Neeley, with the Presidents Trophy for his earring design “Echo”.

The Echo Ear Pendants are more than just jewelry; they are an homage to the power of sound and its ability to resonate beyond its initial moment. At the heart of the Echo design lies a breathtaking gradient of pearls, each carefully selected to represent the purity and depth of their origins. Starting with the pristine, lustrous white of the finest Akoya pearls, the sequence gracefully transitions into the deep, mesmerizing golden hue of luxurious South Sea pearls.

Each pearl is nestled within an intricately designed setting of the finest white and yellow gold, which serves as a radiant canvas that enhances the pearls’ natural glow. The gold settings are adorned with a sparkling pavé of diamonds, their brilliant light reflecting and amplifying the pearls’ soft, natural sheen. This dazzling interplay of light and texture creates a dynamic visual experience that changes with every movement, much like the ever-changing nature of sound waves. This seamless flow from white to gold not only captivates the eye but also symbolizes the continuity and evolution of elegance.

Crafted for the discerning individual who seeks a piece that speaks to both the eyes and the spirit, the Echo Ear Pendants promise to be a captivating addition to any ensemble, ensuring that your presence is felt, remembered, and revered, long after you have exited the room.

CPAA Awards 2023 | Echo Pearl & Diamond Earrings

“Echo ear pendants are a perfect accessory for those who appreciate the timeless beauty in the echoes of the past and the subtle yet purposeful impact of modern elegance.” – Adam Neeley

About the Award

All the U.S. winners and U.S. Finalist pieces will go on display and sale at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City. Winners receive certificates, inclusion in Volume I 2024 of #thisispearldigital magazine, and will be fêted at the 2024 Pearl Soirée in Tucson during the February gem fairs.

CPAA is a nonprofit founded in 1957. The group comprises the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, and suppliers of cultured pearls in the United States, and its goals are to improve retail marketability of pearls and cultivate demand among consumers. Through promotion, education, public relations, and unwavering commitment to the category, CPAA aims to inspire an authentic passion for all cultured pearl varieties. For more information about becoming a certified pearl expert, please visit To learn more about the Cultured Pearl Association of America, please visit

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