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Adam Introduces His Newest Couture Collection

In his own words, designer Adam Neeley describes the inspiration for his newest collection of Couture Jewelry:
As an artist, it’s my quest to find and create harmonious balance. I perpetually challenge myself to create a precise combination of gemstone to metal and form to function. In both my symmetrical and asymmetrical work I strive for a visual balance. During the design process, I sketch with a compositional equilibrium in mind. The end result creates forms that hang perfectly and express a poised design.
I hold a deep appreciation for ancient techniques while openly incorporating modern jewelry technologies. During my studies in Italy, I apprenticed in traditional methods of jewelry making. While studying in New York City, I learned to leverage new jewelry manufacturing tools such as CAD and laser welding. For example, I use a hammer and anvil to sculpt the gold into beautiful forms. To finish the piece, I utilize modern laser welding to attach gemstone settings into place without harm to either the metal surfaces or the gemstones themselves. The combination of techniques and technologies allows me to push the envelope of jewelry making.
Lastly, I appreciate the combination of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics. Studying all mediums of art and design offers a great sense of treasure and history. From the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, I find inspiration in the sinuous lines, celebration of natural forms, and sacred geometries. This year, I set out to create a harmonious symphony of shapes, precious metals and scintillating gemstones.

-Adam Neeley

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