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2017 Client Appreciation Event

2017 Client Appreciation Event at the Festival of Arts Saturday, August 5th, from 3 - 6 pm Here's to you! Thanks to all who attended our 2017 Client Appreciation Event at the Festival of Arts. We celebrated our fabulous clients with a Soirée at Booth #93 on Saturday, August 5th from 3:00 - 6:00 pm. [...]

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Distilling Beauty From Nature

Distilling Beauty From Nature Sustaining a career based on unique, thoughtful design and boundary-pushing technique relies on tapping a well of inspiration. For designer Adam Neeley, exploration into his own artistic process has been a revealing pursuit. By observing the ebb and flow of his creativity, Adam has gained insight into what settings and situations invite artistic flow. [In this series / [...]

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What Makes A Modern Engagement Ring Timeless and Unique?

What Makes A Modern Engagement Ring Timeless and Unique? If you're shopping for a modern engagement ring, you may be considering: What makes a ring timeless? When it comes to design, some styles seem out-of-date after a few years while others remain sublime. Adam Neeley is passionate about mastering this subtly and creating jewelry that will be beautiful through the ages. Here [...]

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The Story of South Sea Glow Pendant

The Story of South Sea Glow Pendant Adam Neeley’s pendant entitled South Sea Glow, a part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent collection, is the product of timeless design, innovative technique, and inspiration derived from nature's beauty. While living in Florence, Italy, designer Adam Neeley sketched a curvaceous form which would later become South Sea Glow Pendant. As an artist he doesn’t limit [...]

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2017 La Quinta Arts Festival

Contact us with questions: info@adamneeley.com or (949) 715-0953 2017 La Quinta Arts Festival March 2-5, 2017, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thanks to all those who joined Adam at the 2017 La Quinta Arts Festival: the best of American contemporary art, presented by the artists themselves, in a stunning outdoor setting. Adam presented at Booth #319, showing his [...]

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Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation

Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation In his own words, designer Adam Neeley describes his approach to balancing classical craftsmanship and modern innovation: During my studies in Italy, I apprenticed under master Italian goldsmith Gio Carbone. He taught me hand forging and finishing techniques passed down through generations of jewelers, spanning back to the Renaissance period. My South Sea Glow pendant, now a part [...]

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Inspirational Erté

Inspirational Erté ''I'm in a different world, a dream world that invites oblivion. People take drugs to achieve such freedom from their daily cares. I've never taken drugs. I've never needed them.'' -Erté While developing his newest Couture collection, including the works featured here, Adam drew inspiration from the life and work of designer Erté.   The life [...]

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Enigmatic Black Jade

Enigmatic Black Jade Enigmatic, strong, and beautiful, Jade has been sought and coveted since prehistory. Stone Age craftsman favored this tough and lustrous gem when fashioning weapons, talismans and tools. Jade has been celebrated through the ages not only for it's tangible properties, but also as a source of metaphysical power; forging a connection to heaven and healing the body. Possessing jade has [...]

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Adam Introduces His Newest Couture Collection

Adam Introduces His Newest Couture Collection In his own words, designer Adam Neeley describes the inspiration for his newest collection of Couture Jewelry: As an artist, it's my quest to find and create harmonious balance. I perpetually challenge myself to create a precise combination of gemstone to metal and form to function. In both my symmetrical and asymmetrical work I strive for [...]

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2017 Festival of Arts

2017 Festival of Arts Daily July 5th - August 31st 2017 The Festival of Arts fine art show in Laguna Beach is one of the most iconic in the nation. Make a plan to visit Adam when you attend the show or it’s theatrical counterpart, the Pageant of the Masters. Adam will being displaying his jewelry at [...]

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