revealing the cosmos pendant innovation

Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation

In his own words, designer Adam Neeley describes his approach to balancing classical craftsmanship and modern innovation:
During my studies in Italy, I apprenticed under master Italian goldsmith Gio Carbone. He taught me hand forging and finishing techniques passed down through generations of jewelers, spanning back to the Renaissance period. My South Sea Glow pendant, now a part of the Smithsonian’s collection, is a great example of a piece crafted entirely by hand using these classical methods. Understanding and mastering ancient technique is invaluable, it is the foundation upon which I have innovated.
On the other side of the balance, modern jewelry-making technology is exciting and quickly advancing. CAD, Computer Aided Design, is now a main player in the jewelry design world. The life-like renderings offered in CAD give both designer and client a great advantage. With the ability to see a piece 3D before it is created, I can further refine my designs, add exciting details, and invite clients into the process. Specialized 3D printers can grow perfectly geometric and highly intricate models within a matter of hours, saving vast amounts of time. For the pendant Venezia, I envisioned a complex, delicate, and geometric piece; CAD allowed me to realize the design with absolute precision.
Laser welding is another futuristic tool which has allowed me to create at the next level. As seen in “Revealing the Comsos” and “Rouge Modern”, I can weld different metals together without disturbing finishes or worrying about differing soldering temperatures. The use of laser technology also allows me to set gemstones into place without danger. With this tool, I can execute graceful designs, in which gemstones appear to float effortlessly, an aesthetic achieved through hidden setting elements.
In pursuit of jewelry which is complex, yet visually graceful, I combine time-honored goldsmithing techniques with cutting edge technologies.
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