Cosmos Morganite Earrings

Cosmos Earrings – Sculptor Galaxy

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Dramatic and elegant, Cosmos earrings showcase dazzling morganites cut by award-winning lapidary Stephen Avery. They are crafted in multiple colors of rose and white gold with an glowing satin finish.
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When it comes to gemstone cutting, the touch of a master cannot be taught. Stephen Avery’s work is an outstanding example of how that touch transforms a technical task into an art form. A marriage of rigorous training and intuition allow Avery to understand the potential of a raw material. His imagination guides exquisite cuts to reveal captivating forms. Read more in an article on Stephen Avery posted to our blog.


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From his Laguna Beach studio, designer and goldsmith Adam Neeley pushes the boundaries of modern jewelry design. His award-winning jewelry is celebrated by jewelry industry authorities, collectors, and the Smithsonian Institution. We invite you to learn more by visiting our About Adam and Welcome pages.