erte pendant

Distilling Beauty From Nature

Sustaining a career based on unique, thoughtful design and boundary-pushing technique relies on tapping a well of inspiration. For designer Adam Neeley, exploration into his own artistic process has been a revealing pursuit. By observing the ebb and flow of his creativity, Adam has gained insight into what settings and situations invite artistic flow. [In this series / Here we’ll share some of his techniques and focus on the inspiration behind the jewels.]
The delicacy and symmetry of flower petals unfolding. The surging tide constant and ever-changing. The shape of the human form: familiar, evocative, mysterious. These and countless other natural forms has served to spark Adam’s creative fire. He sees nature as pure, sacred, quiet, and powerful. One of the fundamental ideas that drives Adam’s work is the idea that great design tells a story. Today we look to nature as the great storyteller.
Every growing, changing, natural thing has a form which reflects history. Science helps us to chart an intricate map of form, function, and interconnection in the natural world. Our relationship to the beauty of nature is perhaps better explored with art.
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We invite you to join in the inspiration discussion. Does nature have an impact on your creative process? What inspires you?