Ember Pendant


Sold and in private collection. Contact us for related designs.
Ember Pendant glows. This design showcases a fiery ammolite accented by green tourmaline, fire opal, blue sapphire, spessartite garnet, and yellow sapphire, set in yellow gold.
This one-of-a-kind piece is in private collection. For questions or custom design featuring signature cuts and rare gemstones, call (949) 715-0953 or use our contact form below.
Fossil gemstones are a captivating window into the past, formed when minerals replace the organic material of ancient creatures. In this way, the echo of a living thing which perished long ago can be enshrined in stone. Read more in an article on our blog.
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From his Laguna Beach studio, designer and goldsmith Adam Neeley pushes the boundaries of modern jewelry design. His award-winning jewelry is celebrated by jewelry industry authorities, collectors, and the Smithsonian Institution. We invite you to learn more by visiting our About Adam and Welcome pages.