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Introducing VeraGold™

We’re very excited to announce Adam’s newest gold-smithing innovation: VeraGold™. Inspired by the aloe vera plant, Adam sought to make an alloy with a subtle green color. Variations of green-gold have a long and fascinating history, but VeraGold™ is all new. Unlike traditional, yellowish green-gold alloys, VeraGold™ introduces a new cool green hue which pairs with a wide array of gemstones.

A Rich History

Ever admired by mankind, gold has influenced and stimulated cultural development since prehistory. A rich yellow color is just one of its many desirable characteristics. Gold can also be made to assume a range of colors beyond yellow when it is alloyed with other metals.
Green gold alloying, especially a type known as Electrum, has an extensive history. In fact, it was around long before metal-smithing since this mix of silver and gold with other trace metals can occur naturally. As far back as the third millennium BCE, the Egyptians used Electrum in drinking vessels and even atop pyramids. In the 7th century BCE, when the Lydians of Western Anatolia minted coins for the first time, they used Electrum.
“When I’m working with molten metals, I feel like a modern day alchemist. Creating a custom alloy is a scientific process and yet the idea is still magical. ” – Adam Neeley

Gold Innovation

Adam’s professional education began in California at GIA, but a desire to study gold-smithing in the European tradition led him to Le Arti Orafe school in Florence, Italy. Under the guidance of Gio Carbone, Adam learned a proud tradition of gold-smithing, including custom alloying. From the very beginning, the idea of making gold captured Adam’s imagination. In America, goldsmiths often buy precious metals pre-mixed, but often in Europe the standard is to alloy in one’s own studio.
After mastering the fundamentals of standard gold and platinum alloys, Adam continued to experiment and explore the possibilities of new mixes and techniques throughout his career. This experience has helped him to understand the properties of different additive metals, insight which proved valuable when he sought to create VeraGold™. Even so, Adam explains that a new alloy takes a lot of trial and error to create. After all, a great jewelry metal needs to be more than simply beautiful in color. It must also be stable, so as not to change color, castable, malleable, bendable, appropriate for forging and able to retain polish. The reward after countless hours at the bench is a refreshing new alloy with all of these qualities and a stunning appearance.

Fresh New Pairings

VeraGold™ marked a goldsmithing breakthrough, but for Adam, this is just the beginning of the story. As a designer, applications in jewelry are what truly thrill. Many well-loved gemstones such as green/blue tourmalines, amethyst, and lilac sapphire are beautifully suited to this alloy’s cool green gold tone, while white diamonds help VeraGold’s gentle green to shine.
We hope VeraGold™ and our continued innovation captures your imagination. At Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry, we’re thrilled to offer this alloy exclusively. From signature alloyed metals, to world-class gemstones and award-winning design, we’re committed to creating and sharing singular and exceptional jewelry. Interested in adding VeraGold™ jewelry to your collection? We invite you to find something you love here or contact us with your questions. Thank you for sharing in our passion!
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