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What Makes A Modern Engagement Ring Timeless and Unique?

If you’re shopping for a modern engagement ring, you may be considering: What makes a ring timeless? When it comes to design, some styles seem out-of-date after a few years while others remain sublime. Adam Neeley is passionate about mastering this subtly and creating jewelry that will be beautiful through the ages. Here we’ll explore some principles he applies to ensure his collection of engagement rings have lasting elegance.
Celebrating your center-stone’s beauty
A timeless ring design will thoughtfully showcase the beauty of the diamond or gemstone you’ve so carefully selected as your center-stone. Adam’s unique ring designs achieve this by targeting a floating diamond effect. Traditional prong or bezel setting styles can interrupt the top view of your center-stone and catch dirt and oil, detracting from its beauty. Relying on modern and innovative tension and semi-tension setting styles, ring designs like Sonata and Amore can effectively display your diamond without prongs, allowing a clear view of your gorgeous center-stone from all angles. With maximum access to light, your diamond will look it’s most dazzling.
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Timeless Design
What separates a fad from enduring style is design grounded in the constants of beauty. When conceiving of his unique rings, Adam derives inspiration from the natural world, unfailingly admired throughout time. The delicate curves of the human body, the shape of a cresting wave, water droplets, leaves and flower petals: these are the seeds of inspiration. With organic forms in mind, Adam employs clean lines and symmetry to create harmonious designs that never go out of style.
Exquisite Pavé
Pavé set diamonds are easy to love. This stone-setting technique which creates a scintillating surface (think paving stones) must be crafted with care. Why is that so important? Pavé settings that are too thin or protrude from the surface of your ring are vulnerable. Impact or snags can lead to lost diamonds. Our pavé accent stones are set to exacting standards, producing a smooth and safe sparkling surface. The pave work in Adam’s ring designs offer more than just security. His use of delicate  lines that trace the curves of your ring accentuate its unique design and can even make your center-stone appear larger.
Creating timeless jewelry is an art. Trust your most important piece of jewelry to Adam, a passionate goldsmith and inspired designer, who lovingly crafts each ring here on the California coast. If you’re shopping modern engagement rings, we invite you contact us for a remote or in-person tour of this stunning collection.

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