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Cosmos Men

Cosmos Ring

Priced at $12,900.
Cosmos ring is luxurious and captivating. This unique ring in 14 karat yellow gold showcases a 12.40 carat black star sapphire with 3.50 carats of color gradient champagne diamonds.
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From his Laguna Beach studio, designer and goldsmith Adam Neeley pushes the boundaries of modern jewelry design. His award-winning jewelry is celebrated by jewelry industry authorities, collectors, and the Smithsonian Institution. We invite you to learn more by visiting our About Adam and Welcome pages.
Light spreading across the surface of a stone in the shape of a star, also known as asterism, occurs when crystal structures of many layers at very specific angles reflect light. Star sapphire is a well-known example of asterism but ruby, garnet, spinel and quartz may also show a star.