Vail Daily, August 2015

In August of 2015, newspaper the Vail Daily highlighted Adam Neeley as a featured artist participating in the annual Beaver Creek Art Festival.
Writer Melanie Wong wrote:
One jewelry designer, Chipita Park, Colorado native Adam Neeley, will be returning to his home state after a long hiatus at the art festival.
As a teenager, Neeley graduated from rock-collector to silversmith’s apprentice, and then to producing and selling his own creations at art shows around Colorado. He’s known for pioneering a special technique called “spectra” that involves seven different tones of gold and 40 to 50 hours of meticulous metalsmithing to complete. Neeley said he’s especially excited to be part of the Beaver Creek festival because it was a place he found success early on in his career, when he was 21.
“Beaver Creek Art Festival is a wonderful experience. The artist talent is outstanding, the crowd is energetic and the mountain scenery is breathtaking,” he said. “As a Colorado native, it also has a sentimental significance. Returning to Beaver Creek feels like coming home. I look forward to reconnecting with long-time collectors who have believed in my work since the beginning of my career.”
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From his Laguna Beach studio, designer and goldsmith Adam Neeley pushes the boundaries of modern jewelry design. His award-winning jewelry is celebrated by jewelry industry authorities, collectors, and the Smithsonian Institution. We invite you to learn more by visiting our About Adam and Welcome pages.