TEFAF New York 2017 Adam Zach

The Jewels of TEFAF New York 2017

The TEFAF New York 2017 art and collectibles show presented a thrilling selection of some of the world’s finest creative and historical works of art. TEFAF welcomed connoisseurs to view this year’s carefully vetted exhibition from October 27th – November 1st. Adam flew to NYC for the renowned show. He was delighted and inspired by what he found.
The halls of the distinguished Park Avenue Armory brimmed with glorious works of art across all media. Just as art from the most illustrious painters left viewers in awe, from Monet and Picasso, the jewelry exhibition included creations by it’s own masters. Jewels by JAR and Lalique were no less than spectacular.
Adam was honored to meet with two 21st century masters in the world of Haute Couture jewelry: Wallace Chan and Hemmerle. Here’s what you should know about these geniuses of jewelry.

Wallace Chan

Chinese Jeweler Wallace Chan recognizes no creative boundaries. Chan’s magical design vision, paired with a thirst for pushing the technical boundaries of his medium, result in extravagant, other-worldly jewelry art. Chan also indicates that his Zen philosophy is at the foundation of everything he creates. The jeweler is credited with 5 breakthrough jewelry-making innovations, including sculpting, gemstone setting, and metal-smithing techniques. Founding a studio at age 17, Chan came to his life’s work early. Since that time his jewelry art has become ever more ambitious and astonishing. We are riveted as we continue to watch this incredible jeweler’s career unfold. (“Wallace Chan Beyond Jewelry”)
Wallace Chan Jewelry


Hailing from Munich, Hemmerle continues a proud and impressive tradition of jewelry-making, which spans more than a century. Their exquisite work is a testament to the refinement and passion which has developed over generations. In 1893, the Hemmerle family began crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry for clients which included Bavarian royalty, and quickly went on to win international renown, in Paris and beyond. Tradition plays a role in what makes this jewelry house so admired, but each generation has also brought a distinct personality to Hemmerle’s jewels. The thread which ties it all together is feeling of sophistication and uncompromising craftsmanship. Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle, son and daughter-in-law to this legacy, represent the new generation and promise many more elegant, dazzling creations to come. (Hemmerle Jeweler Munich)
Adam returned home deeply inspired by the experience. Seeing such an energetic and rich marketplace of art collection was thrilling. Adam envisions presenting his own jewelry creations TEFAF in the future.
No contemplation of art collecting would be complete without an expression of gratitude to Adam Neeley’s Collectors. Thank you for taking this journey with us.
Learn more about TEFAF exhibitions by visiting their website.
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Hemmerle Green Earrings
Hemmerle Green Earrings
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