cosmos morganite pendant

The Cosmos Collection

What we can see of the universe has fascinated, inspired, and humbled man throughout history. As humans, our days may be filled with technology and culture, which seem to elevate us in the natural world. When we gaze into the night sky however, this truth is undeniable: Our presence in the universe is vanishingly small, yet we are a part of something unfathomably grand.
As a designer, Adam harnesses these feelings of enchantment and reverence in his work. The award-winning Cosmos series tells the story of our expanding universe in precious metal and exquisite gemstone. “When I look into the sky,” Adam describes, “The beauty and magic of the galaxy moves me. The cosmic symphony that keeps it all in motion is incredible.”
Adam crafted the Cosmos design series to reflect the cosmic beauty and magic which keeps him in awe. Use of line in Adam’s metalwork conveys the outward-spiraling energy of our expanding universe. The precise geometry of the design speaks to the dynamic balance of celestial bodies. Meanwhile, the careful choice of rare and striking gemstone celebrates Earth’s treasures. At the AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017, the American Gem Trade Association recognized Adam Neeley with the honor of First Place for Cosmos pendant.
It’s our hope that these designs will continue to evoke the same feelings of wonder and appreciation which inspired the collection.
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