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Convergence at the Headley-Whitney Museum

Source: https://www.headley-whitney.org Convergence at the Headley-Whitney Museum In celebration of the Headley-Whitney Museum’s 50th anniversary, a special exhibition called “Convergence” is on display this summer. The show features work by the esteemed American Jewelry Design Council, of which Adam has been a member since 2011. We're proud to announce that two one-of-a-kind works by Adam will be [...]

Convergence at the Headley-Whitney Museum2018-07-16T05:05:37-07:00

The Dawn of AlbaGold™

The Dawn of AlbaGold™ The early hours of the day are rich with inspiration for designer Adam Neeley. Filled with form and color, dreams have been an important source of creative inspiration throughout his life. Upon waking, these visions are still near enough to capture. In the case of his newest innovation, an alloy called AlbaGold™, dawn was [...]

The Dawn of AlbaGold™2019-01-14T02:33:11-07:00

2018 Client Appreciation Event

2018 Client Appreciation Event Past Event: was held Saturday, August 4th, 2018 from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM at the Festival of Arts Thanks to all who attended! Here's to you! In gratitude for your support and interest in Fine Art Jewelry, we'll be celebrating you at a summertime soirée, held at Adam's booth, Booth #1 at [...]

2018 Client Appreciation Event2018-08-08T05:48:21-07:00

2018 Festival of Arts

2018 Festival of Arts The show ran daily from July 5th - September 1st 2018, at Booth #1 Thanks to all who visited us at the 2018 Festival of Arts! The Festival of Arts fine art show in Laguna Beach is one of the most iconic in the nation. Make a plan to visit [...]

2018 Festival of Arts2018-09-06T01:16:22-07:00

The Colorful World of Rose Gold Jewelry

The Colorful World of Rose Gold Jewelry We adore rose gold. A look at Adam’s portfolio might have lead you to suspect his warm feelings for this blushing alloy. From fashion, to beauty and even extending to tech, rose gold has been basking in the spotlight [...]

The Colorful World of Rose Gold Jewelry2019-04-11T03:05:30-07:00

Bubbles & Baubles Event

Bubbles & Baubles Event Saturday, May 5th from 4pm-6pm Thanks to all who attended this fabulous afternoon of Bubbles & Baubles! Join us Saturday May 5th at 4pm for a guided champagne tasting lead by sommelier Michaela Hightower. Learn about bubbly tasting techniques, stories of famed champagne houses, and discover Adam’s new Peach Gold. RSVP early as [...]

Bubbles & Baubles Event2018-05-11T00:49:44-07:00

2018 Treasures of Tucson Event

2018 Treasures of Tucson Event Saturday, February 24th or Sunday, February 25th 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Join us for a seated gemstone presentation featuring jewels from the world's largest gem show in Tucson, Arizona. Discover new gem finds, rare collector stones, and other delights, all at special industry prices. Select gemstones to add to your collection or to design a custom [...]

2018 Treasures of Tucson Event2018-03-07T02:09:23-07:00

Life in Stone – An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones

Life in Stone - An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones The geological wealth of our world, including jewels and minerals, is typically considered to be quite separate from organic life. Some exceptional fossilized gemstones, however, peel away time to defy this categorization by showing us life in stone. Fossil gemstones are a captivating window into the past, formed when minerals replace the organic [...]

Life in Stone – An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones2018-03-10T10:25:41-07:00

The Cosmos Collection

The Cosmos Collection What we can see of the universe has fascinated, inspired, and humbled man throughout history. As humans, our days may be filled with technology and culture, which seem to elevate us in the natural world. When we gaze into the night sky however, this truth is undeniable: Our presence in the universe is vanishingly small, yet we are a [...]

The Cosmos Collection2018-11-09T06:01:15-07:00