About Opal, Origins, Properties, What Causes Fire or Play of Light

Opal, A Fiery Muse One of the original “precious gemstones,” opals have been celebrated and coveted through the ages. For their lively light-play and rainbow colors, opal is unlike any other gemstone. One of four so-called phenomenal gemstones, they exhibit a unique light interaction called opalescence, created by perfectly ordered spheres of silica, which diffract light with a [...]

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Jewelry Appreciation: Designer JAR

JEWELRY APPRECIATION: DESIGNER JAR I was pleased to hear some recent auction news. Two pair of gorgeous, intricately pavéd earrings by the unparalleled JAR were just auctioned by Sotheby's. Each fetched a price more than five times higher than sale projections. As an admirer of JAR, I was glad to hear that the appetite is strong for his magnificent work. It goes [...]

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The Munsteiner Lapidary Legacy

THE MUNSTEINER LAPIDARY LEGACY CONVERGE AMETRINE PENDANT Atelier Munsteiner is a multi-generational German lapidary house world renowned for their innovative colored gemstone cutting techniques. Among many distinctions, Bernd Munsteiner is credited with inventing the Fantasy Cut. Today, Bernd's son Tom continues this dazzling legacy, heading the family's Atelier and training his son to continue this incredible work. The signature cutting [...]

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The Story of Paraiba Tourmaline

THE STORY OF PARAIBA TOURMALINE Rare paraiba tourmaline has captivated gemstone lovers from around the world and commanded a higher price by weight than diamonds. The tale of this gemstone’s discovery only enhances its mystique. In the early 1980s the Mina da Batalha, a dilapidated old pegmatite mine in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, held no special promise to anyone [...]

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