The Magic of Black Diamonds

THE MAGIC OF BLACK DIAMONDS LE CHIC BRACELET The Magic of Black Diamonds captivate with a unique sparkle and mysterious charm. Through jewelry history, these enigmatic beauties were at times overlooked. This might be because of the high level of skill and precision required to effectively cut a black diamond. Today, advances in gemstone cutting and modern design have set [...]

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Mystic Moonstone, a Phenomenal Gemstone

MYSTIC MOONSTONE HARMONY PENDANT Moonstone achieves a mystic and magical effect called adularescence when the stones' layers reflect and scatter light. The color is usually white but occasionally blue with an appearance like rolling fog or smoke. For this unusual and spectacular light effect, this adularescent jewel is one of a class of gemstones called phenomenal gemstones, deemed so for [...]

Mystic Moonstone, a Phenomenal Gemstone2022-11-25T10:04:57-08:00

Gorgeous Garnet; Origins, Properties, Lore and More

GORGEOUS GARNET ELLIPSE GARNET RING Although the name garnet likely brings to mind a deep, red wine-color, it's actually a family of gems that vary widely in appearance. Garnets share a common crystal formation and other properties, but within the group, slight differences in chemical composition result in a variety of remarkable colors. All garnets can be classified by their [...]

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Tourmaline Origin, Properties, & Lore | Indicolite, Paraiba, Rubellite

THE TIMELESS ALLURE OF TOURMALINE MIDNIGHT SKY RING Tourmaline has an undeniable allure, from rosy rubellite and enchanting emerald-colored, to the exotic, electric-blue Paraíba. This versatile gemstone has been cherished as a talisman and treasure throughout history. Its dazzling range of more than 100 hues delights designers and jewelry-lovers with a lavish palette of colors. [...]

Tourmaline Origin, Properties, & Lore | Indicolite, Paraiba, Rubellite2022-08-17T15:14:43-07:00

Stephen Avery: Director of Light

STEPHEN AVERY: DIRECTOR OF LIGHT When it comes to gemstone cutting, the touch of a master cannot be taught. Stephen Avery's work is an outstanding example of how that touch transforms a technical task into an art form. A marriage of rigorous training and intuition allows Avery to understand the potential of raw material. Imagination guides his exquisite cuts to reveal [...]

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Life in Stone – An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones

Life in Stone - An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones The geological wealth of our world, including jewels and minerals, is typically considered to be quite separate from organic life. Some exceptional fossilized gemstones, however, peel away time to defy this categorization by showing us life in stone. Fossil gemstones are a captivating window into the past, formed when minerals replace the organic [...]

Life in Stone – An Exploration of Fossilized Gemstones2021-06-03T17:12:36-07:00

Ethiopian Opal

ETHIOPIAN OPAL OCELLIUS RING For their lively light-play and rainbow colors, opals are unlike any other gemstone. One of four so-called phenomenal gemstones, opals exhibit a unique light interaction called opalescence, created by perfectly ordered spheres of silica, which diffract light with a magical flourish. The gem has strong ties to the continent of Australia. Throughout the 20th century, upwards [...]

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The Story of South Sea Glow Pendant

THE STORY OF SOUTH SEA GLOW PENDANT Adam Neeley’s pendant entitled South Sea Glow, a part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent collection, is the product of timeless design, innovative technique, and inspiration derived from nature's beauty. While living in Florence, Italy, designer Adam Neeley sketched a curvaceous form which would later become South Sea Glow Pendant. As an artist [...]

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Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation

Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation In his own words, designer Adam Neeley describes his approach to balancing classical craftsmanship and modern innovation: During my studies in Italy, I apprenticed under master Italian goldsmith Gio Carbone. He taught me hand forging and finishing techniques passed down through generations of jewelers, spanning back to the Renaissance period. My South Sea Glow pendant, now a part [...]

Classical Craftsmanship, Modern Innovation2017-04-27T06:08:01-07:00

Enigmatic Black Jade

ENIGMATIC BLACK JACE NIGHT STAR BROOCH Enigmatic, strong, and beautiful, Jade has been sought and coveted since prehistory. Stone Age craftsman favored this tough and lustrous gem when fashioning weapons, talismans and tools. Jade has been celebrated through the ages not only for it's tangible properties, but also as a source of metaphysical power; forging a connection to heaven and healing the [...]

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